Saturday, May 10, 2014

Motion Synth

I wanted to share something that I am REALLY REALLY excited about.  I saw it on the Apple iPhone 5c "Powerful" aka Gigantic commercial and fell in love.  I feel it's going to revolutionize the electronic music industry.  As soon as I found the website ( I instantly pre-ordered it.  I urge you to watch the video for this amazing motion synth device that hooks up to your iPhone or iPod Touch.  It's going to be amazing!

Favorite Quote

This is my most favorite quote and it rings so true.

"We all wear masks, & the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin." - Andre Berthiaume 

Formerly Daydreams of Magnificence

Hey all, this is Castles in the Skies formerly known as Daydreams of Magnificence.  I wanted to talk a bit about the name change and give you the link to the old blog in case you're still wanting to find out where to get that album as well.

First up though, the reason for the name change.  I had noticed that when I was telling people about the band that they had a really hard time spelling magnificence.  So after a few dozen times I started to think... "Maybe I should just change the name to something easier?"  So the process began.  But I wanted to stay along the same lines for the reason for the name.  I believe we all should daydream... daily!  I think it's healthy, and it releases stress.  I saw the phrase "building castles in the sky" which means that you build your dreams up so high that for most they are unattainable, but you still keep dreaming.  You never stop.  So let's build some castles in the skies!  Let's not be limited by how many dreams we have!  And let's try our best to fulfill those castles and to create even bigger ones!  Music is a dream of mine.  It is my sky castle!

Now here's the link to the old blog.  I'll keep it up because I did put an awful lot of work into it.  It has all the links to where you can find my first album.